OFF-SEASON OBS, LOCH GARTEN NEST, 07 August 2018 ~ March 2019

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    Yes, Alan . I' made a real pigs ear it all though, sigh

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    No problem Cirrus we are all stumbling about in the dark trying to sort things out.

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    Just to add to the confusion I clicked on 'Latest' but it took me to August. Then I clicked on the double >> at the base of the page to get here. Sometimes 'latest' works and sometimes it doesn't!

    I've just checked and Peter has clearly sorted the camera so one of my messages has got through.

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    Hi & good Morning everyone
    Alan some of the lucky ones have torches
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    Mike B said:
    Just to add to the confusion I clicked on 'Latest' but it took me to August. Then I clicked on the double >> at the base of the page to get here. Sometimes 'latest' works and sometimes it doesn't

    Yep Mike once you are in a thread the single arrow in the blue boxes goes page by page and the double arrows at the side of the page numbers will take you either the start or the end of a thread

    sorry for hijacking the thread.

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    Glad you are sorted Cirrus, you must have been having a bad hair day! Apologies accepted Alan!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    It's as well we all get this rigmarole sorted before EJ et al return!

    Alan Poole is about to launch a new book  Ospreys:  The Revival of a Global Raptor.  It is due out on 19 March 2019, both in hard back and Kindle, and available from Amazon.

    "Ospreys are one of the few bird species that are found throughout the world. From forests in Hokkaido to rivers in Oregon and islands off Australia, Ospreys steal the show as nature lovers easily watch them build their massive nests and tend to their young. The fact that the Osprey is one of the few large birds that can hover adds to its mystique, and to watch it plunge into the water, emerging with a fish clutched in its talons, is truly a sight one will remember.

    As widespread as Ospreys are, not long ago they were under threat of extinction. During the 1950s and '60s, scientists tied the decline of Osprey populations to the heavy use of DDT and other human pollutants. In the 1980s, Ospreys began a slow recovery due to the efforts of conservationists and through the resilience of the adaptable raptors themselves. Today they are again considered common in most parts of the world, although some populations remain threatened.

    In this gorgeously illustrated book, Alan F. Poole, one of America's premier Osprey experts, has written a lyrical exposé of these majestic creatures, describing their daily habits and exploring their relationship with the environment. Ospreys celebrates the species' miraculous recovery from contaminants and hunters, chronicles their spectacular long-distance migrations, and unveils their vital role in bringing life to coastal habitats. Few other birds have such a hold on the human imagination. This book shows us why."

    Roy Dennis is quoted as saying 

    "Over my lifetime Ospreys went from vanished to victorious because of a small number of people, including Alan Poole, author of the book in your hands. Alan has lived, breathed, worked, and thought 'Osprey' like no other human ever has. This wonderful book reflects deep knowledge driven by even deeper passion. Every time I see the Ospreys over my house, or gaze across the water at Gardiner's Island, I thank Alan Poole."

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    One Great tit eating, and one queuing

    But he couldn't wait, and Gt tit feeding continues to feed!

    Not sure why they are different sizes.  On each I put 500 in the left box and deleted the right.


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    I'm trying this out, 7,000 miles away but taken with 5G!! But I think the photo is just as bad as those I usually take.

    Anyhow, hello everyone and thanks for keeping me up to date!

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    Not osprey related, but before the season starts I feel it is worthy of publicity.

    A not for profit company has been created by Mark Avery, Chris Packham and Ruth Tingay with the objectives:

    • Nature conservation, primarily in UK.
    • Advocacy to make UK laws, policies and practices more wildlife-friendly.
    • Use of UK legal system to further nature conservation objectives.
    • Encourage public participation in nature conservation issues.

    You can read more about it herehere and here


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