Technical Test Thread 2014/15/16/17/18

  • Thank you so much MaryGK and Alison, much appreciated. I feel relieved that it’s not me being stupid.
  • It certainly isn't, Jane. We're all struggling!
  • In reply to MaryGK:

    There has been much discussion in Community.

    Here is just one.

    Elliot has said recently that they are experimenting with trying to sort. Latest reply HERE


    Elliott B said:
    Hi Alan,

    Yes, of course.

    The fix to resolve the Rich Text Format problem is currently in a test version of the community and we are waiting for this to be scheduled and made public. I've chased our developer this morning and hope to have an update later today.

    In terms of the default phot size, while I acknowledge the concerns that have been raised, there are currently no plans to change this.

    Many thanks,



  • Not sure if the problem was solved but I know how to start a new PM

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