Caledonia (memories of)

When I woke today I noted that this was the anniversary of our family moving house many years ago. I always think of it as I associate it with the day my memory switched on. 

I had no idea that the 7th January is now going to be the day that we discovered that Caledonia has perished. 

The 2012 season at Loch Garten was traumatic in many way. It started with a strange male (Blue XD) in the nest that EJ took a real shine to. However when Odin turned up on 1st April he evicted the impostor and EJ also seemed to attack him. 

An uneasy peace reigned and when the egg which Caledonia hatched from was laid on 9th April it was touch and go whether Odin would brood it or kick it out of the nest. After some hesitation he accepted it and a difficult incubation began. 

The weather during the incubation was atrocious with endless rain. 

Caledonia hatched on 16 May about half an hour shy of midnight.

ChloeB and I headed to Loch Garten on 19th May and amazing the weather turned brilliant and remained so for all our holiday. 

It was very good to visit and see three young chicks in the nest. 

The season continued to have its difficulties but Caledonia fledged and migrated and surprised most of us by electing to stay in Spain.

Then there was the incredible joy generated when Valerie, Alison and Pip went out to visit Caledonia and found and photographed her. 

As the months passed I began to feel confident that she would be returning north in May 2014. 

Now we have this devastating news that her life is at an end. While it is hard to take I think it is best we see the good she achieved in her life accept that once again the life of a young osprey has many dangers. 

Caledonia your memories are burned in our hearts and it was a great privilege to share your short life.

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  • TIGER - Thank you so much, no more words, you have put it beautifully.

  • Caledonia and Alba were the very first ospreys I watched growing up - it was so wonderful to watch them each day, as they grew, and it was a very special season for me.  I was gutted when we lost Alba - that was very hard to cope with, but Caledonia was doing so well I had high hopes of seeing her return.  To get news like this is heartbreaking.

    Both Clare and I hope that Oighrig and Breagh will make it back in the next two years.

    R.I.P. Caledonia.


    "Birds are, quite simply, little miracles - and as such they require care and consideration."

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    I was at the LG visitor centre on 14 July 2012 peering out of the window - LMAC and DIDO to my right and BLACK JAGUAR to my left then this all hapened in a period of two minutes timed on my camera pictures 11:31 thro 11.33.

    Her first escape from the nest - The next wing beat took her into the sky for the first time.

    Seconds into her first flight - looking so confident.

    Flypast Mum - only a minute later wondering if she could land beside mum and sit with her - she missed the branch.

    And had to settle for her first landing on the nest cam pole - Safely Home after approx 1 minute and a half and she stayed put for four hours.

    That day will be my evaerlasting memory - One Day In CALEDONIA's Life when she first put to the skies - now she will never take to the sky again..

    I have been fortunate to be at the centre to see two LG birds first flight and Caledonia was one of them.

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    It's taken me hours to manage to log in. I'm devestated at the news.I feel so sad. Will any of EJ's young ever make it back to the country? Here are a few snaps taken back then.

    29th July

    27th July

    2nd July

    Loch Garten stats. and  All the important links for LG.

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    moffer said:
    Will any of EJ's young ever make it back to the country?

    My first thought after surfacing from the terrible shock at the news :'(  I really thought she'd be back and could hardly believe our luck.

    Posh photo of the beautiful girl at ringing:


    One of "our" precious snaps:



    I can still hardly believe it :'(


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    KEITH, this is the first time I've seen your wonderful captures of Cally's fledge, thanks so much for posting them.


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    My very first Osprey babies .. was new to it in 2012 .. now all gone & am so very sad!


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

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    SCYLLA - I pressed the shutter as she flapped on continuous shoot and just followed her until she landed back - At 4 frames a second I had nearly 500 pictures to sort :):) - Its little thgings like this that take you back to memories of a particular bird - your personal encounters. Many thanks.

    Likewise SCYLLA with others you gave us great accounts "Daily" which i very much appreciated and you also must have great memory moments.

  • In reply to Keith Rogers:

    Good morning and thanks or all the pictures of Caledonia and the memories of a very beautiful osprey.  

    moffer so nice to see you but under such sad circumstances.

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    Good morning,

    I can't tell you how sorry I am to hear the sad news of Caledonia.When I read the title of this thread I already had an awkward feeling, and when I read the word "perished" I just thought:"This cannot be...this cannot be...Certainly he means another Caledonia..." Ever since my visit to Loch Garten on June 29th 2012 I followed Alba's and Caledonia's movements with great interest. I understand the 29th June was the day when both were ringed, so we shared a big event, and I felt somehow connected. I felt already sad when Alba died, and now it is her as well! Please be sure that I know how much worse you all must feel, who have seen her every day.

    I wish her two little brothers all the best. Please keep up hope!

    I am sure they will return.

    Kind regards,