Dear bloggers,

You’ve not heard from us in a while so here we go with a short update of the situation in Loch Garten. The highlight so far is that EJ has finally gone! She was spotted for the last time on the 3rd of August, so after a week we can say for sure that she is definitely gone. Farewell EJ! We wish you a safe travel and favourable winds. We’ll all be waiting for you in March! George has not been seen recently either…not that he’s been seen a lot during the season, but now it seems that he’s gone on migration as well. George, we hope you use well your winter time, and if you come back next season we hope to see an improvement in your fishing skills.

Image 1: Empty osprey nest.

Even though our resident ospreys are gone, we are still spotting ospreys from time to time. Today we saw a male with the blue ring NF2 perching on the camera tree. He stayed there for only five minutes, but it’s good to know that there are still ospreys enjoying this amazing summer.

Image 2: NF2 perching on camera tree.

Although the ospreys are starting to migrate, there are still plenty of things to see around! Last Wednesday we saw a white-tailed eagle! It was a juvenile, and was spotted during the weekly guided walk. We’ve also seen other birds of prey: a few sparrowhawks, buzzards and a kestrel flying around the Osprey Centre. This week has been really good for crested tits as well! They have started to come to our feeders again and we’ve had really nice views of them from the centre. Chaffinches, siskins and tits are still around, both adult and juveniles that have just fledged, all together having a feast. The wood pigeons don’t miss the party either, they are always there making sure they have a place on the feeders. Small frogs, toads and lizards along the path, dragonflies and damselflies on the pond, red squirrels jumping from tree to tree and bank voles running everywhere. The summer is still going on for the wildlife in Abernethy! We hope to see you around!

Image 3: Juvenile buzzard spotted from the Osprey Centre.