It looks like my pessimism is paying off! 

We have seen two chicks hatch out over the past couple of days and are looking to see if there will be another in the next few days too. 

Early on Saturday morning, the first visible signs of a chick appeared on our nest. Like all exciting events at the centre, I was not present for this. Rest assured if anything exciting happens it is on my day off! 

It was a pleasure to be here for chicks number 2's arrival and hopefully, I can be here for the third. 

Our week had started with an intruding osprey passing close to the nest but this didn't last long and we have not seen high pressure from interloping ospreys. This has been a blessing for this new pair and I hope that this continues throughout the rearing of these young chicks. AX6 has been bucking the osprey trend by bringing salmon back to the nest which I had been reporting to visitors for years is too heavy for ospreys to catch. Our boy must have a keen eye and a strong wing to land such a catch. It has been interesting to see what sorts of things he brings back to the nest as it is also the first in many years for us to see pike brought onto the nest. AX6 seems to have an affinity for either mahoosive fish or little tiddlers. Whatever his preference, it has been great to watch him gain his stride and be fishing consistently for the Garten nest. 

The weather has certainly been on their side and we have had showers passing over but nothing too aggressive as to affect the fishing opportunities. It looks like both the adults are settling into their roles in the nest and are rising to the challenge of rearing young. 

I would also like to take to time to thank our nest protection volunteers that have been diligently watching over these birds to protect them from disturbance. It is always a concern at the Garten nest that the large visitor numbers could take their toll on the ospreys and they decide it is not a suitable area for nesting. We have a team of 14 local volunteers that have been giving up their time to watch over the nest and make sure visitors are respectfully enjoying the wildlife. It is down to them that these birds have been given the privacy to settle at this site. 

Let us hope that this is the beginning of a new era at the Garten nest.