Hi, I'm Naomi, volunteering at Loch Garten for the first time. I spent last winter volunteering at another RSPB reserve carrying out practical tasks and I've been enjoying speaking to visitors here, sharing all the excitement of the ospreys, white-tailed eagles and goshawks. It's nice to meet so many visitors that have been here time and time again over the years. Loch Garten is a special place with lots of people holding fond memories of previous visits and it is wonderful to be a part of such a historical and vital site for ospreys. Thank you to all the visitors that have shared your experiences and photos with me of your time here and of all the wonderful wildlife.

 Most days I walk to work surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of nature and have been lucky enough to see the occasional crossbill, red squirrel and crested tit. Since childhood, I have always loved being in nature. I spent a lot of time feeding the ducks at the reservoir five minutes walk from my house, going on strolls along the canals and walking in the Peak District. I have been very privileged to have grown up with a variety of nature on my doorstep, passing by the reservoir on the walk to school and eating homegrown food from our allotment. 

Nature is ingrained in all of us, we are part of it which is why we all gravitate to it in our own way. For me,I love sitting in a nice spot just focusing on what is around me, away from the hustle and bustle. I love walking aimlessly along a path, not focusing on where I'm going! We're often too focused on getting somewhere and quickly we forget to stop and actually appreciate nature. We can be too focused on seeing something specific that we don't see what is there.

As someone who doesn't drive it makes places a little harder to get to. I have spent many hours waiting for buses which can at times be tedious and tiring, but having to wait to get to the place you want to be can bring many benefits. I don't feel guilty for just sitting as there is nothing else I should be doing, I just pass the time watching nature and seeing things that I may have missed if I didn't have to wait.

 I'm looking forward to the next few months, seeing how the eagles develop and the osprey and goshawk eggs hatching and sharing the excitement with visitors. I'm also looking forward to warmer weather when we can finally stop wearing hats and gloves at the kiosk, it can get quite chilly there! The view is amazing though.

 If you see me around feel free to tell me about your adventures in nature and keep an eye out for the mallards that often visit the kiosk!