Hola Blogmigos,

How are we all today? I hope we are all still feeling optimistic about the current season and what lies ahead for us. I know I certainly am. This time last year we may have had eggs…but we also had a Useless George. Each day April draws close to an end and May to a beginning, but a quick search through the fact files shows us a pair in 1990 laid an egg 17th of May. So, plenty of time chaps, no need to worry.

Anyways, Fergus has been badgering me to do blog for a few days now. So I thought I would recap you all about a very special wildlife moment I have had recently.

Not so long ago, Laura invited the team around for a games and badger night. I previously lived in Laura’s house two years ago when I was myself was an intern for the rspb. Six badgerless months I lived in that house and not once did I see these nocturnal beasts! (not that I was looking for one). So I was a bit sceptical when she said that she was seeing badgers outside her living room window every night. Much to my surprise after an hour or more, two cheeky little badgers appeared and started chomping on some peanuts. The outside light lit the front of the garden and even though about 8 of us all had our faces pressed against the window the badgers didn’t seem to care. For about 2 hours they came and went, waddling around the garden shoving their noses into the ground searching for their next meal.  

Each of them had their own characteristics.  One braver than the other, coming ever closer to the window whilst the other kept its distance. Whilst the second seemed clumsier than the first, attempting, and failing, to gain its balance on a log filled with peanuts.

(Lorraine, the more confident of the two)

I have since tried to convince my colleagues to name them Lorraine and Kelly, after my idol, Lorraine Kelly, but if anyone can suggest any better names (I highly doubt it) please comment and let me know.



 (Kelly, the clumsier of the 2)


Anyways, enough of me blagging on here is a short update about the centre.

It has been verrryy quiet on the osprey front lately. We have only seen 2 ospreys flying over head in the last 3 days. This is probably expected though, the other ospreys in the close proximity to the nest have most likely laid eggs now and are fully focused on providing food for their partner. This doesn’t mean that we at Loch Garten still won’t have a successful, as I have previously stated the latest we have laid eggs here at Loch Garten was on the 17th of May, so maybe EJ is lurking in the shadows,  just biding her time, waiting to break one more record before she does go for her early retirement.

Gloria has been ever so elusive over the last week, we haven’t seen her since last Friday (the 19th). But this doesn’t mean she isn’t around. Just this morning we noticed a second egg in her nest box, and there could be more hiding in the warmth of her down.

 (Gloria's eggs poking out of the down)

A pair of Redstarts are also showing very well at the moment. Buzzing around the centre, swooping in and out of the tree line and wowing our visitors.

And as always our cheeky squirrels are as mischievous as ever. They have been seen as most daily by us and our visitors, chasing each other around the trees and hanging upside down whilst nibbling on seeds or peanuts.

 (Naughty lil' squirrel)

Well that's all from me guys! Thanks for reading my blog as always,