Hi Folks,

 Just a quick update from the front-line, penned during my lunch-break on a fine, if a little chilly, Friday afternoon.

I’ve just caught up with the forum after a crazily busy week and I realise some of you are a little concerned about our George and are doubting his abilities /commitment to EJ. All I can say is, when he’s not here, obviously we know as much about his whereabouts as you do! He has shown that he can provide fish, because he’s been bringing in some whoppers, but then, as you see, he also occasionally delivers the leftover tail scraps. Does he have another partner on the go? The nearest nest to our LG nest (that we are aware of), is approximately 1.5km away and there will no doubt be other nests in the vicinity too, so it’s possible.  Only time will tell and of course there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it – it’s in the lap of the gods and all we can do is watch, admire, and hope for the best.

This morning's fishy offering - not much of a breakfast for EJ, but at least it was something, which is still better than nothing!

We’ve been running on a skeleton staff this week, with annual leave, meetings and other commitments eating into the time we can spend at the centre chatting to our visitors.  In addition, we’ve only had half the number of volunteers we usually have, so the team who are here have been having to do night shifts as well as their day shifts! You can’t fault Team LG for commitment and work-ethic! As ever, we post updates when we can, once the day-to-day business of running the centre has been taken care of, but there will inevitably be times, such as this week, when for one reason or another, updates don’t happen as regularly as either you, or we, would like. Needless to say, if there was anything momentous happening, we would do our utmost to communicate that via the wonder that is the internet, but this week hasn’t produced anything out of the ordinary. EJ continues to do what we know EJ to do (and doesn’t she do it brilliantly?) and George still has a little way to go to prove his worth. But have faith, people! Young ospreys have to learn the ropes somehow (we’re assuming he’s young, anyway) and I for one, am backing our handsome young chap.