Hello again bloggers,

I’m writing this blog on one of the calmest, sunniest days we’ve had so far this year. The insects are out, bees are buzzing, birds are chirping and visitors are smiling. But this isn’t the only reason for us to be happy today. Today we welcomed EJ’s second egg of the season, EJ and the male have both just started to incubate the eggs and the male has just brought her another fish!! Wooooohooooooo! Although I know some of you are sceptical of the new male and the eggs’ chances, I’m more than optimistic that this is going to be a successful season. And why shouldn’t it be, the young (presumably) male has started bringing fish to the nest, he is also shooing off other males in the area, EJ looks far less grumpy than she normally does, and have I mentioned THE MALE IS BRING EJ MORE FISH... WOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

Big fish brought in this morning! (image taken from the forum)

Anyways, since there is a new male in town, there needs to be a new name. Although it’s highly unlikely that we will end up calling the osprey any of your suggestions (haha!), we can still have a little bit of fun.

Here at the Osprey Centre we have already came up with a few suggestions:

Emma and Raquel have suggested the osprey be named ‘Johnston’ – named after me... probably because he is young, handsome and devilish, and not because the number of failed mating attempts and the fact he keeps most of the food to himself.  Although I would love an osprey to be named after me, I already think my head is big enough.

The new male has finally learnt how to incubate (Image taken from the forum)

Steven thinks it should be called JE just to confuse people... typical Steven.

Whilst Jess and Chris thinks the new male should be called George, to mark the 60th anniversary of George Waterston organising Operation Osprey at Loch Garten.

I, personal would like to keep going down the track of naming them after gods. Yes, I now the male seems young, and inexperienced and many of you aren’t keen on him but they are such godly creatures. You tune in most days of every season, whether or not it is a successful season, whether or not the male/females are little bit slow in learning, and for that reason I think they deserve a lot of respect. Just remember Odin was once a young male who had to learn the ways, so why can’t this male do the same?? So my choice of name would be Poseidon – king of the sea. Who knows he may have already conquered the River Spey.

The happy couple! (image taken from the forum)


As I say, this is just a bit of fun, so I would ask you guys to be kind. So, tell what you lot think he should called and why? We really appreciate all the comments we get, but I think this year we should be optimistic, not pessimistic. Afterall, it takes a lot less effort to smile than to frown and everyone will enjoy the season more this way! ;)