It looks like Odin has won the battle of the birds, but is the war over?  After days of fighting off the advances of the rival male osprey, it looks like Odin has come out the victor. 

It all started a week ago when a persistent male osprey ignored the warning calls of our resident pair, EJ and Odin, and instead relentlessly continued to fight Odin for the nest.  It later became clear that he not only wanted Odin’s nest, but he wanted his mate too.  As the intruder skydanced and brought fish in for EJ, Odin had to fight even harder to hold claim over his domain.  Most of his energy was being spent on chasing away this determined adversary, and in turn prevented him from leaving the nest to fish.  However, Odin upped his game and found a clever change of tactic to outwit the young usurper.  Setting out at first light to go fishing allowed him to return to EJ with a fish, keeping her happy, and freed him up for a day of nest defending.

However, the contender for EJ’s affections soon picked up on this clever ploy and seized the opportunity to move in on the nest whilst Odin was absent, even bringing in a fish for EJ whilst Odin was away.  In Odin’s absence, EJ has done her best to thwart the intruder’s attempts to land on the nest, although she hasn’t been fussy enough to turn down any fish he has dropped at the nest for her!  It has been a stressful time for her too as she has tried her best to keep the intruder off the nest, whilst making sure her precious eggs are not broken in the chaos.