• International ospreys of mystery

    Good evening. This is the weekly osprey news, brought to you by Katie from the Web Team.

    Well, we've not heard from Mallachie again this week, so her whereabouts remains a mystery. As Richard mentioned in his last blog post, it's possible the transmitter has stopped working or fallen off, so please do not despair. Maybe she'll turn up in the UK again in a couple of years?

    Rothes seems to have had a steady…

    • 21 Dec 2009
  • Mixed news I’m afraid,

    Good news first…..
    Rothes seems to be fine, having spent the last week (up until Friday 11th) pottering about in the vicinity of Varela, in Guinea Bissau. Might she spend Christmas there?
    And more good news…..
    To up-date you on the recent blog ask for support towards the mains power project, of the £7,000 hoped for by 1st February, last Monday the total stood at £2,530, but as of today, it is …
    • 14 Dec 2009
  • Latest News

    Well it's the start of another week. I've input the most recent data for Rothes - she stayed on Ilha de Orango until 9am on 30th Novemeber (last Monday), then headed to I. de Unhocomo for 24 hours. By 5pm on 1st December she was heading back NE, passing Ilha Carache and Ilha de Caravela on 2nd Decemeber. She continued N and was back near Varela on the mainland by 5pm on the 2nd. The latest point I have for her was 5pm…
    • 7 Dec 2009