Potential Annual Forumates Leighton Moss Visit 2019

  • Last night sadly but there are other times :)


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  • Just had a look at the link you gave me and it is Pauline I have been talking to a lot of Caroline's over the last week so getting mixed up lol


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  • Got up to go to LM but sadly it was raining but no wind but that is due later with storm Gareth so i decided to come home early Ian, went to work and Pauline said i could take my time there was no rush she went out with the dog and I thought I would leave the walk on the canal for another day so came home before the gails come in so I am back home now and will get some picture ready :)


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  • I think that is the beauty of staying there Jim, if the weather is bad you can still stop in for the day and it's almost like being at home.

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  • Just in case anyone is still requiring accommodation for the forumate meet up in June .........here are the current rates for Travelodge Burton M6 Northbound which is 2 or 3 miles north past the junction for Carnforth .       (advanced booking, no refund rate) . It is only ten minute drive to Leghton Moss and although this service area is on M6 you can nip out (legally !) on the quicker back route towards Silverdale without having to rejoin the motorway. There is Costa Coffee/Burger King/Gregs Bakers/WH Smith on site and you get 20% discount off at all these if you show your travelodge key !   Marks and Spencer food outlet is also there but no discount. .    

    I have stayed at this travelodge three or four times and it is clean, albeit simple but comfortable accommodation, also quiet - especially if you ask for room at the rear.      I chose the 4 cheapest nights to show you as an example.     .     

    Example: Room type: Family room

    Sun 23rd Jun 19 £26.00
    Mon 24th Jun 19 £28.00
    Tue 25th Jun 19 £34.00
    Wed 26th Jun 19 £34.00



    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again"