Spring really is in full swing here at Leighton Moss. The whole place is absolutely alive with the melodious sound of birdsong; Cetti’s warblers, blackcaps, willow warblers, marsh tits, nuthatches and treecreepers can be heard belting it out from alongside the trailside vegetation while the reedbeds and scrub reverberate with the songs of reed buntings and newly arrived sedge  and reed warblers. Meanwhile, overhead the chattering of sand martins and swallows punctuate the air.

With International Dawn Chorus Day looming (May 2) now is the perfect time to enjoy the amazing sounds of the avian spring orchestra – you don’t even need to know which birds are making what noise to enjoy the experience, simply immerse yourself in nature's wonderful euphony!

Better still why not book a place on our Dawn Chorus Walk on May 23? Come and enjoy the magic of the reserve as it awakens with a guided 3-hour stroll through our woodlands and around our stunning reed bed to experience the early morning symphony.

Join a small group lead by friendly, knowledgeable guides who will help with identifying the sounds around you and help to spot all manner of wildlife that calls Leighton Moss home. Afterwards, enjoy a delicious breakfast bun and hot drink (included in the price).

To find out more or to book your tickets for this strictly limited event click here: Dawn Chorus Walk

 Glancing out across the vast reeds from the paths or from the top of the 9-metre high Skytower and visitors may spot tumbling marsh harriers, red deer or secretive garganey. All along the trails flowering plants are bursting into life while butterflies such as brimstone, comma, orange-tip and speckled wood can be seen.

The first mallard duckling and greylag goose goslings have emerged in recent days, paving the way for the annual glut of baby birds that will appear on the reserve. Bittern activity remains high with not only male birds still booming but also frequent, if unpredictable, views of birds in flight and occasionally on the pool edges. Meanwhile the marsh harriers continue to put on a fine show as they display, hunt and nest-build across the site. As always, keep an eye on the skies as ospreys can drop in at any time while peregrine and red kite may drift over as they go in search of a meal.

Of course this is also a time of year when absolutely anything can turn up so it pays to be vigilant! What scarce or rare visitors might we host this spring? Make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates on what’s been sighted and we look forward to seeing you soon!


(photos by Jarrod Sneyd)