I don’t find myself saying this very often, but quite a lot of people have seen golden oriole over the last couple of days. Here is a photograph taken on Friday:

Many thanks to Christine & Steve Pomfret for sending this over.

At least one bird has been roaming around the poplar woods and calling frequently in the sunshine. The sun also encouraged lots of invertebrates out yesterday. There were plenty of large red damselflies on the wing and a couple of hairy dragonflies. The weird looking longhorn beetle (agapantha vilosviridescens) could also be encountered alongside East Wood sporting its large antennae.

There were at least ten hobbys on the wing and a common buzzard flew over the car park. Later on in the day, a barn owl was hunting near Joist Fen viewpoint and a grasshopper warbler was showing well near the visitor centre.  We hope to see you soon.