Good morning. Please note that there are a selection of road closures that are due to take place nearby over the next couple of weeks which will affect access to the reserve. I will therefore try my best to summarise them below:

  • Work has started today on Wilton Bridge, which is on the B1112, just north of the reserve entrance. This is due to take around 12-14 weeks and for the most part, it will be controlled by traffic lights.
  • The first planned road closure is due to take place this coming weekend (30-31 March). It will therefore be necessary to access the reserve from the south (.i.e. via Lakenheath village or the Wangford Road.) Other road closures are planned as part of the work but as yet, we do not have the proposed dates for these closures.
  • The Sedge Fen Road, which runs between Ely and Lakenheath, will be closed to through traffic until 19 April.
  • The Southery Road, which runs from Southery to Feltwell, will be closed to through traffic until 29 March.

I hope this all makes sense. If you have any questions or queries about the above information, please ring 01842 863400 or e-mail:;

We hope to see you on the reserve soon!