Good afternoon. As I am going away for a long weekend, this will be my last recent sightings post until the middle of next week:

The spare pair of cranes were flying around a lot on Tuesday and here are a couple of pictures of them courtesy of Matt Walton:

Image credits: Matt Walton

Although we are not quite sure who they are, Norman, our ex-Site Manager, seems to think that they may be the two juveniles that fledged on the reserve last year. 

Bitterns are continuing to show very well from Mere Hide recently. Here are some lovely pictures of a bird flying away from the hide:

Image credits: Jacqueline Hill

An individual has also been seen several times from the edge of the visitor centre pond over the last couple of days, which has been a good visitor centre tick! A kingfisher was also fishing in the visitor centre pond yesterday for the first time in a week or so.

A smart male marsh harrier has been hunting regularly in front of the Washland viewpoint during the last couple of days. Good numbers of these aerobatic raptors are also still present far down the reserve. Although the weather hasn't been ideal for bearded tits, several have been seen in the sunshine near Mere Hide this morning. 

I was working elsewhere yesterday morning but during my perambulations around the reserve in the afternoon and evening, I saw some pretty good birds. A red kite was circling over the Washland viewpoint early afternoon and to my surprise, an osprey passed swiftly over above it! This was presumably a failed breeder and it was certainly a present surprise to see! An avocet was showing in the pool in front of the viewpoint and when I popped back up just after 6pm, a barn owl was hunting over the washland which is my first one here for a long time.

Several of our resident birds have now started singing again and a song thrush has been belting out his loud song near the visitor centre recently which has been great to hear. A coal tit has  been singing nearby, which is a species that is often overlooked here. I also saw a single red legged partridge in Brandon Fen this morning, which is an encouraging sign that they may be nesting in the area. 

Several creatures have been seen basking in the sunshine recently and here are a couple more pictures from Matt Walton:

Common lizard:

Four spotted chaser

Image credits: Mat Walton

Thank you very much to Matt and Jacqueline for sharing their lovely images with us. 

Just before I go, here are some notices for you:

Firstly, please note that there are still cattle grazing on the Public Footpath between the Washland viewpoint and Joist Fen viewpoint.

Secondly, please note that the B1112 north of the reserve entrance will be closed this weekend. It will therefore be necessary to access the reserve from the south (.i.e. via Lakenheath village or the Wangford Road) If you need directions, please ring 01842 863400 or e-mail:; 

Thirdly, there is currently a job vacancy in the team here. If you would like to work at this wonderful reserve, please click here for more information. 

We hope to see you soon!