Good morning. May is marching on at a rapid rate so here are some more images and recent sightings for you:

I will start off with sharing some more images that have been taken here recently:

Misty riverbank:

Common whitethroat:

Image credits: Scott Grear Hardy

Great crested grebe:

Image credit: Matt Walton

Thank you very much to Scott and Matt for sharing these lovely images with us.

The view from the high seat overlooking New Fen North on Tuesday morning:

Puss moth that was in the moth trap alongside West Wood on Tuesday morning:

Image credits: David White

Our resident cranes are still keeping a low profile and are busy with breeding behaviour. However, the reserve team have seen the adults of our breeding pair this week so hopefully, this means that all is well.

Fortunately, bitterns have been making up for it by showing very well recently. If you haven't seen it yet, please see this blog post for some great pictures of our resident birds that have ben seen during the last week or so. Interestingly, the ringed individual that has been here for the last couple of summers has now returned, which is a great sign.

There are now several marsh harrier nests on the reserve so look out for the males coming in with prey over the next couple of weeks. Small numbers of bearded tits have also been showing well, especially near Mere Hide.

Although hobby numbers are now starting to drop, there are still good numbers around so look out for them from Joist Fen viewpoint. Cuckoos are still widespread and several pairs of garganeys are still present. Look out for them near Mere Hide or from the Washland viewpoint.

At least one raven is still present in the area and it flew over the car park on Saturday 18 May.  A red kite has been seen flying over on several occasions this week and two avocets spent the day feeding in front of the Washland viewpoint on Sunday 19 May. 

I saw a roe deer in Brandon Fen yesterday morning and good numbers of dragonflies and damselflies are now on the wing. Our first scarce chasers were seen on Tuesday and a couple of broad bodied chasers are currently showing well near New Fen viewpoint. I also saw a smart male large red damselfly feeding in front of the visitor centre this morning. 

If you are planning to visit the reserve, please note that there are still cattle grazing on the riverbank Public Footpath.

We hope to see you soon!