Hodbarrow Moments

Let's celebrate Hodbarrow! I am really eager to hear all the great moments everyones had at Hodbarrow over the years. This would really help me get a flavour of what the reserve is all about. Please add your moments whether that is a wildlife moment, a birding moment or anything positive about Hodbarrow! Let everyone know about it.

  • I hope you have had a welcome start to your work at Hodbarrow -an amazing place.  I've only had a chance to visit a couple of times, but on both occasions it was a bright sunny day, with the chance to see the views of the whole of the Southern lakes as well as the various birds loving the peace (although not quiet with geese and oyster catchers about).  We braved a rather cold wind to walk around the lagoon, and I was surpirsed at how few other people were there (it was March and November), although we met a very helpful bird watcher who let us use his telecope and pointed out several birds, including a rare teal -blue tailed I think?.  People sharing their knowledge is something this new-to-bird watching peron is loving.  So thank you to that man, and maybe see you again.  

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    Thank you for that post. This is exactly what I had in mind when I started this forum thread!