Moth trapping at hodbarrow

Hi all! I have some moth records from my visit to the reserve in August. On the first night I trapped on the heath and the second was on the beach. I was wondering who the county recorder was so I can pass records on as im from Lancashire. Also has anyone else done any on the reserve? Thanks in advance Justine
  • Hello, I’ve had a look at the Butterfly Conservation web site, and I’m not sure if they have a county moth recorder for Lancashire at the moment. It’s probably best if you contact them directly, so they can put you in touch with the right person, or make note of your sightings.

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    I was wondering who the Cumbria recorder was as I trapped a couple of nights at hodbarrow. I thought they may of been of interest to the reserve's warden?


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    Hi Justine,

    I just saw your message. That sounds great you have some records. We haven't done any moth trapping whilst I have been here (a year and half). If you are happy to send them through to us we would love to get an idea of what's about. You can email them through to me at and we can add them to our records. I can also pass on details of where to send them to in the county.



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    Hi Mhairi

    That' sounds even better; didn't think about reserves records!!!

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    Hi Mhairi

    I will email records this evening. Thanks for the reply.


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    Brilliant thanks Justine I'll look forward to getting your email!