Osprey and Damselfly at Hodbarrow!

Yesterday, at about 3 or 4 pm, my partner and I saw an Osprey at Hodbarrow! We were very excited! We had just arrived at the beach area, near to the towers before the lighthouse, I was feeling decidedly grumpy, when John shouted out and we both got a good view through the bin's! It was being mobbed by seagulls over the open seawater (not sure which species) but seemed to be okay! After 5 minutes, we didn't see it again. Other highlights included the Terns, (especially the Little Terns which were also a lifer for John!), the Gannet, Swifts, and it was great to see my favourite Oystercatchers, laugh at the excited noise of the Eider Ducks and try and converse with them, rave to the sound of perhaps a Sedge Warbler, watch some Lesser Black-backed Gulls mating (several times, and very affectionately - I didn't realise they were so romantic!), also some Terns had a go at mating but it was brief! Insect Sightings: Green-veined White butterflies were out (saw 1 or 2), also we saw our first Damselfly of the year!!! (A red one which we need to ID). The beautiful ginger Common Carder bumblebees (Bombus pascuorum - saw at least 2 I think), a Heath Bumblebee (B. jonellus - it was smaller than the B. hortorum queens with a paler band), a White-tailed Bumblebee (B. lucorum) and a Buff-tailed Bumblebee (B. terrestris) were present, along with lots of Hoverflies on Dandelions in the car park! (At least 2 species - I can ID these if needed, once photos are uploaded). "Daddy Long Legs" was out. Full Bird Sightings List from 2 - 7 pm (19th May 2013) Chiffchaff Chaffinch Robin Whitethroat Goldfinch Greylag Goose Canada Goose Mute Swan Mallard Coot Blackbird (dark female) Collared Dove Carrion Crow Magpie Great Black-backed Gull Lesser Black-backed Gull Herring Gull Black-headed Gull Osprey Oystercatcher Red-breasted Merganser Common Tern Little Tern Sandwich Tern Swift Swallow Eider (mainly male) Lapwing Pied Wagtail Great Crested Grebe Wheatear Tufted Duck Shelduck Wigeon Turnstone Long-tailed Tit Ringed Plover Kittiwake Cormorant Warbler (sounded like Sedge) Grey Heron Possibles - Scoter Sabine's gull (John thought this but then thought maybe the juvenile Kittiwake we saw)

Natalie Windsor

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