1st timer to ham wall

 went to ham wall today for the first time, only live 6 miles from the site but have never been before. what a great place! seen our first bittern today and saw marsh harriers hunting the reed beds, other species seen was egret,redpole, sisken, gold crest, buzzard, redwing, robin, longtail, great, blue and caol tit, dunnock and kingfisher.

will go again, took a few photos but didnt come out very well

  • Lucky you to live in that area. Parents used to live a bit further away, but still within Somerset. That area near you has rapidly become about the best wildlife area in the UK. Been there three or four times in the last year or so and was lucky enough to see bittern each time, as well as marsh harriers most times. Both would have been extremely unlikely when my parents lived down there. The variety of species is also vast esp in Spring, and there are so many nature reserves within very, very easy reach.

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    Find it hard to believe you live only 6 miles away and this your first visit,hardly anywhere in the country better than Ashcott corner east and west.

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    Glad you had an enjoyable first visit to Ham Wall. Hope to have you as a more regular visitor from  now on. There are lots of other nature reserves within a small radius of where you live too (not just RSPB sites), so there's plenty to see.

    Happy to see you spotted Bittern. Bitterns will soon be 'booming' again regularly (there were reports of one booming on Shapwick today and Ham Wall in both Dec & early Jan) and by May there will (hopefully) be lots of Bittern activity. Marsh Harriers too seem to be pretty active at the moment.

    If you get the opportunity come and see the Starling roost before dusk. They are on Ham Wall currently but could move over to Shapwick as and when they please so it's worth phoning the Starling Hotline 07866 554142 for the last known roost location. Someone has posted a video on the 'Wildlife' community page of last nights roost if you fancy a look.  

    Thanks for posting!