Locations within Ham Wall

Is there a detailed map on the website showing the various parts within Ham wall , Waltons Loxton etc? 

  • Hi  georgie,there is somewhere on the internet but don't think I can tell you how to get it but do not worry too much as there are maps at Ham Wall,think there are leaflets and certainly big boards at various places.There are also mostly I think volunteers at the first viewing platform and regular visitors would help anyway.

    Feel sure you would not have any problem and it is a great place.

    Go early as the car park can get very busy,that could be the only difficult bit.

    You may find the map even by going back quite a way on back on places to visit at top of this main forum Ham Wall where I asked a similar question.

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    Hi georgie,map on said Ham Wall site."Latest Blog Posts"

    this weeks latest sightings,page 12

    5 months ago,under comments there is a link.

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    Well done Alan,can never remember how to put a link on.

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    Hi, I know this is an old thread but it's a question I had too and "page 12" is no longer the page it was 4 years ago so I thought I'd be helpful and post a link to the map. However it doesn't have all the hides etc. labelled.  www.rspb.org.uk/.../hamwall_tcm9-265559.pdf Can anyone help here as I'm a relative newbie and when I hear there's a sighting from the "2nd platform" for instance I'm not sure where on the reserve this is.