Take care


Hi All

I had a very few very pleasant hours at Greylake this
afternoon, a young lady who knew the site was most helpful in pointing out
birds I had not see, Snipe , Water Rail , a Peregrine and I also saw a Little
Grebe and many more. Thanks to her. Some pics will be on http://www.flickr.com/photos/mmaddock/

But on my return to my car I found there had been an
attempted break in with some expensive glass damaged that will have to be
replaced. So please Take Care when visiting out of the way sites.

Happy birding.

  • Sorry to hear that, really... what a pity ! I have adopted a technique highly evolved : I neve let anything with value in the car. Even 5 mins in a shop, I take the back pack of cameras (even though I am fully insured for that scenario too). It is a bit boring sometimes but I fund it is the only way unfortunatelly.


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    Unfortunately it's not necessarily what is in your car but what the thief thinks may be in your car.

    My gallery here

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    I don't display any bird type stickers on my car



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  • Thanks for the warning Mendip Mike!

  • In reply to Simon K:

    Think Greylake has become a targeted place for break ins and nothing seems to work as at a nearby place someone had left nothing in car and sticker saying nothing of value in this car.

    Still broken into with message left saying just checking.

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    As usual a few people of low intelligence spoil things for everyone else. The police should take this sort of crime more seriously.


  • In reply to RPV:

    Thanks for all your messages in this regard.  We are monitoring the situation, and have been in touch with the local Police who assure us they call in to Greylake on a regular basis through the year on their rounds and will keep up a presence on our patch.

    Trish Harper