Nature a Fantastic Healer - Photographic exhibition by Paul Merlot

 Thanks to Paul's kind generosity all proceeds of the exhibition will be donated back to Geltsdale reserve. 

November 1st 2021 to 3rd of January 2022

Artist statement

 I have always felt at my best being in the great outdoors, weather its walking along the coast or climbing to the top of a mountain, I always take a small camera where ever I go to capture memory's for later on in life, never thinking I would ever put on an exhibition as my pictures were only just small prints from a 35mm camera and of late digital pictures on Facebook for my family and friends, one friend approached me and said I like your photos why don't you put on an exhibition, the rest is history.

 Just in the last few years I have been taking photos of wildlife as I have upgraded my camera making it possible to get closer and better results, In the early part of the year I suffered with depression and the best thing for my recovery was to get out and about with my camera, I live in Brampton, Cumbria and as we had restrictions due to Covid I spent a lot of my time walking around Brampton and RSPB Geltsdale , so most of the photos are from my garden or in the local area, a few photos are from the North East or at RSPB Leighton Moss.

 My Father was a great amateur photographer, he was a big influence in my life and my photography mentor, I would like to dedicate this exhibition to my dad Derek Murray who passed away in June this year.

This is my second exhibition, the first raised £200 for the RSPB, and again all of the profits will go to RSPB Geltsdale so if you like what you see please help this great charity, by buying a print or putting some money in the box.