I went to Fowlmere on Wednesday, it was lovely but I was appalled at the toilet facilities. No lights, no sink to wash your hands and filthy. Surely there could be a proper toilet, I have been to many RSPB sites and never seen anything like it.

Carpe Deum

  • hi personally I would not say the toilet facilities are that bad. I have been to R.S.P.B  reserves that are far worse and some that have no toilets what so ever. I Mean Ham Wall the biggest reserve in the west country only got toilets eighteen months ago. #justsaying

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    Yes, I agree. I've always thought the Fowlmere portaloo was surprisingly okay. I'm used to going to reserves that have no loos at all though.

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    I've never noticed the portaloo and I've been in Fowlmere several times. I mean... visited Fowlmere several times...

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    as you look at the reception its to the right #justincase

  • Dear Ruth G,

    Having retired in April, I am no longer the Warden of Fowlmere reserve, but I do visit fairly often and when I'm there I check the toilets. On Wednesday 23rd August I was there at 9am; the toilet was clean, there were toilet rolls and hand towels, and hand cleanser in the dispenser by the door. I don’t know what time you were there, but I’m sorry to hear that the toilet had become ‘filthy’ after I’d checked it.

    Doug Radford