Old Fairburn record - Ferruginous Duck 1976

Hi, wonder if anyone can help. I'm uploading all my bird records to Birdtrack (VERY long job!) and have a decent list from Fairburn which includes Ferruginous Duck, but stupidly I only dated it "Sep 1976" in my notebook. A long shot but does anyone have access to old bird reports (or personal recollection) of exactly what date or dates that bird was present? My mind's eye recalls it as a drake. many thanks!
  • Does this help Jonathan?

    Ferrugnous Duck Aythya nyroca A duck on John O'Gaunt's Res. from 17th to 24th January was no doubt the bird which was present in November and December 1974 (DJB. GTF. JRM. et at). Fairburn Ings had a 12 remarkable series of records: single drakes were present from 14th February to 2nd March, 31st May to 3rd June, 27th July to 31st August and a duck from 16th November to 18th December. The drakes were considered to be different individuals, based on plumage differences and bill markings (SCM. et al). A drake at Mickletown Flash on 17th April (SCM). A drake at Hornsea Mere on 8th and 9th May and duck on 9th June (RGH). A drake was at Bransholme on 10th October (JMcC. JH. LE). A bird at Gouthwaite Res. on 18th January, identified as this species by some, was in fact showing characters of Padgett's Pochard, a recognised hybrid between Pochard and Ferruginous Duck (DJB). See note elsewhere in this report.


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    That is Amazing and so prompt, thanks VERY MUCH Alan!! I should have had the wit to google County reports but it never occurred to me they might be available online. So not Sep then, must have been Aug!

    Thanks again, Jonathan

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    All I did Jonathan was google Ferrungous duck fairburn ings 1976 and that was the first report I came across..there may be others.

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