• Pokémon Go wild: recent sightings

    The bats have been pretty active at Fairburn Ings this week! We managed to capture some rare footage of both zubat and golbat flying over the visitor centre balcony.


     Golbat can be identified as slightly larger than its lesser zubat form, with a more powerful jaw and increased strength!



    A rare sighting of Jynx also took place in the shrubbery.


    The Pokemon Gym has also been active, with the blue team now…

    • 19 Jul 2016
  • #Face on moth - spectacled moth and other recent sightings

    It's been a great week for insect sightings with lots of moths, dragonflies, and butterflies out on the reserve. Our Assistant warden, John, managed to capture this great photograph of a five spot burnet resting on a flower this week. The colourful contrast of the knapweed made for an excellent shot!

    We had a wonderful selection of moths in the moth trap on Friday, including, as our might have noticed from the…

    • 16 Jul 2016
  • Joe: an evening at Charlie's

    For the last three months I have been the Warden Intern at Fairburn Ings, living close to the reserve in Fairburn village. One of the perks of being a residential volunteer is being able to spend time on the reserve when things are quiet, early in the mornings and in the long summer evenings.

    As I cycle through the reserve on my way home at the end a busy day, I stop off at Charlie’s hide and sit for a while, it’s the…

    • 1 Jul 2016