Common Terns

Hi all,

I've not managed to get to Dungeness for a while so it was great to have such a glorious sunny day today.

I spent much of the day watching the Common Terns fishing.

So it was a delight to get to the Denge Marsh hide and see that they have nested again on the floating pontoons. There are two chicks on the pontoons nearest to the hide and at least two clutches of eggs. There must be an amazing abundance of fish too as the adults were constantly coming in with fish to feed the young, as the following sequence of shots shows.

And I had to post this one as I think it looks like the chick on the left is in stunned that the other chick is going to swallow that fish...but it did!

Unfortunately I didn't see too much else other than this Linnet as I came out of the Denge Marsh hide.

No sign (or sound) of the Bittern. Still a great day and nice to finally get some hot sunny weather!