Shingle recycling beside RSPB Dungeness

Hello all - I just wanted to make sure you have had a chance to review and consider your position on the proposals for a shingle recycling quarry on the neighbouring Dungeness Estate, which may hamper your enjoyment of this unique and beautiful reserve in future... We're very worried about the affect that the quarry will have on residents, visitors and the surrounding environment. More information is available on our website at or you can follow us on Twitter @LoveDungeness - we'd welcome your views (and support, if you oppose the scheme). Thanks!

  • Hello! Thanks very much for flagging this up. The RSPB is reviewing their position on this application and will be attending a meeting on 17 January 2012 at 6.30 pm in the Lydd Community Hall, Manor Road, Lydd, TN29 9HU. It's a public meeting so anyone can go along if they want to find out more about the application.

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    I am an infrequent visitor to Dungeness as I live so far away [Bristol], but when I can visit, I absolutely love the area. I'm worried about the effect of the shingle recycling proposal will have on the wildlife and the residents. I've written to my MP and the MP for the area, to express my concerns. I've had a letter today from the Planning and Environment Dept. of Kent County Council, regarding the matter. Although they seem to be doing all they can to minimise the disruption, it still looks like an awful lot of heavy lorries will be arriving and departing for 8-12 hours every day.  

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    Thank you for stepping up for nature and writing to MPs to voice you concern about this  proposal.

    As you are aware the Dungeness peninsular is internationally important for its birds, other wildlife, and shingle plant communities. It is much valued by visitors and locals alike for its wide open landscapes and tranquillity. It is a truly remarkable site, and we too have voiced our concerns that this proposal could have a significant impact on it.

    In February this year we wrote to Kent County Council to object to this application on the basis that the operation, and up to 72 lorry movements a day, could lead to disturbance of the wintering bird populations, impede access to our Dungeness reserve and present a safety risk to reserve visitors and local residents alike. We also raised concerns over the likely damage to the growing local green tourism economy in the area.

    We were disappointed to see that alternatives to lorry transport had not even been considered as part of the application.

    It is very important that members of the public step up to protects sites like Dungeness and we are very grateful to you for your support.

    You can add your voice to the campaign against this proposal on the Love Dungeness page here: