Early August At Dungeness.

Hello All,

Below are some photos of a visit to Dungeness in early August.

First up great views of the Great White Egret



Female Ruddy Darter Dragonfly

Male Common Blue Damselfly

Reed Warbler

A few weeks ago Oystercatchers were in this spot whilst the Terns sat close by on eggs.

Mute Swan

Grey Heron

Have fun





  • Hi RR

    Great shots, I never knew there was such a size difference between the little and great white egrets as I have yet to see a great white egret, I really must get to Dungeness soon i have not been there this year. That last shot of the Heron looks almost tropical with the plants in the background it gives a real contrast of colour.


    Regards Shane


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  • In reply to Shane:

    Thanks Rocking Robin for posting some truly inspiring shots. Looks like you had fantastic weather for your visit.

  • In reply to Shane:

    Thanks Shane,

    You are right about the size difference between the Great & Little Egret , we recently saw a Leucistic Grey Heron next to a Little Egret , the size difference was even more surprising, (photo below).

    And to complete the "Egert Collection" a Cattle Egret below.

    The plants with the Grey Heron do add a tropical feel,I think they may be Canna's.

    Have fun


  • In reply to MrsT:

    Thanks Mrs T.

    Great day allround. Look forward to going back.

    Have fun