Recent sightings

We have a busy Easter weekend. Huge numbers of new visitors to the reserve. New and returning visitors have had some fantastic weather along with some fantastic wildlife.

A few more species of butterfly to add to this year’s list like, small copper, holly blue and green hairstreak along with a bold stoat mother moving her kits from one den to another right in from of Marsh Covert Hide. Some lucky visitors managed to get some great pictures to show us.

Also from Marsh Covert Hide and the Bridge Screen we are still getting some great activity from all the usual wonderful duck and wader species like pintail ,wigeon, gadwall, tufted duck, teal, shoveler, shelduck, black-tailed godwit, spotted redshank, ruff, little ringed plover and yet more new arrivals like greenshank, green sandpiper and common sandpiper.

Avocet update! There are twenty two nests and over 100 individuals. We have had yet more Mediterranean gulls on the main scrape area, up to sixteen last week seen from the Visitor Centre and the Bunker Screen.

Since our last update the reed warbler, sedge warbler and white throats have joined the Cettis warbler and blackcap choir. In the reedbed area we think there are nesting bearded tits, as we have seen breeding behaviour.

Star sighting

Double star sighting from the last two weeks. Two weeks ago a spoonbill turned up and then this week three garganeys.

 Male garganey by L.Greenstreet

Both species being seen very well on one day from Marsh Covert Hide. With garganey male showing very well a few days in a row now from there. The spoonbill spent most of its time teasing us by flying up then circling round the trees to land again in the with the little egrets along with a pair of cattle egrets that are looking like they might nest again this year and even a great egret popped in for a bit.

 Spoonbill by A.Lovatt

Wardens' wanderings

The warden team have been hard at work all hours. This time of year is extremely busy for them and the wildlife. They have been carrying out more breeding surveys, wetland and estuary bird surveys and then on top of that all their regular checks. Liz and a few volunteers have been carrying out some essential infrastructure repairs, fixing up the wooden path edges, and the viewing platforms around the meres.

Special thank-you

Huge thank you to leader Jeremy Bradshaw and team of the Local RSPB Wirral Group who put on another day of the second-hand book sale on site. Thank you to all that helped on the day and to those that donated to us. It is all a great help to bringing us closer to our end goal to get Inner Marsh Farm Hide and path renewed and fully accessible to all.  

Get involved

The April family quiz trail ‘Brilliant Bluebells’ is out for all the family to learn and get inspired. The bluebells are in their prime right now, out now up on the Hill Fort and in the Gorse Covert Wood. Come down and get involved with the whole family.

 Bluebells by A.Davies


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