Adwick Washlands 05/04/2019

I had a few hours at Adwick today with my main interest hoping to see the Avocets....

I started off at the Bolton end and one of the first birds I saw was this Redshank

testing the water

loads of Lapwings all chasing each other..had to be happy with long range shots, the closer they got the harder it was to get them in shot..they sure can move!!

up by the viewing area an Oystercatcher on the small island (one of two there)

more to come

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  • Also on the island were a couple of Ringed Plover (total of four I saw)

    like the Lapwing another bird chasing each other

    and with a couple of Avocets

    and at the side of the water

    more to follow

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  • The Avocet flying display team then decided to take to the air.

    more to follow

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  • A chap then told me about the Black Tailed Godwit up the track back at the Bolton end so decided to chance my luck...

    Just as I turned the corner to go up the track I'm not sure who was more surprised when this chap landed at the side of me and instead of flying off he took one look and carried on looking for lunch.

    he managed to spot something and I didn't see him again.

    up bt the pool I only managed to get record shots of the Godwit.

    long distance and through the hedge.

    twas bitterly cold out in the open with the wind but really enjoyed the visit.

    THE END....

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  • Very nice day out then Alan, not sure what the white line is in your pictures, I know a lot of people don't like to do any PP on their pictures but I just had to on this one and it only took 20 seconds.


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  • Thanks for that Jim if I had more patience I would have done it LOL.I managed to crop it out of some of them.
    It is some electric tape/fencing part of the predator control.

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  • I thought it might have been they have got wires up around the salt marsh at LM now.


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  • Excellent set Alan. Do the Avocet breed there? I know at a reserve I used to visit where Avocet bred, they more or less took over the place and were very intolerant of any other waders. Beautiful bullies i would have to say :)




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  • Yep apparently they do breed on site Bob, I think they said there was around 20 there but I only saw around 6.

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  • Great stuff and plenty of action. I particularly like the Plover in flight and the display team,


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  • Great variety of birds and excellent shots. I do like the Avocets especially. For such delicate looking birds they are surprisingly feisty. Good to hear that they breed there. Well done with Ringed Plover flight shots. That can't have been easy.
    I hadn't heard of the Adwick Washlands before. Is it part of the Old Moor and Dearne Reserve?



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