What a glorious sunny day

It's been a beautiful sunny day today Old Moor, even though it seemed a fairly quiet out on the water we had a really enjoyable day.

It started by introducing myself to Mary in the shop, it was lovely so meet up Mary if you read this.

In the Tree Sparrow farm there were...


Great Tit

and Goldfinch

from the family hide was..


having a bath

Common Gull?


and a distant Pintail

from the Wader Scrape Hide was..

A Shoveler

from Wath Ings Hide

Male Teal

and a record shot of a Green Sandpiper?

outside the Bittern Hide was a Common Darter

quite a few Dragonflies were seen going up to the Reedbed Hide.

from the Reedbed hide was..

A sleepy Cygnet

and Common Snipe

just for info I think some of the growth in front of the hide windows cut do with cutting back as it's blocking quite a bit of the view.

and finally from the Reedbed screen a lovely female Kingfisher.

all in all another lovely visit and one of my mates hadn't been for years and he really enjoyed it.

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  • Nice set Alan and it certainly looked like a glorious day. Like that down here in Devon too but I was busy doing stuff :(.




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  • Alan W said:
    It's been a beautiful sunny day today Old Moor

    I think it's been a pretty nice day everywhere - maybe the "Last of the summer wine" - next week is turning colder I believe but it might bring in more migrants.

    Lovely set of photos, Alan. How do you get these Kingfishers to pose for you?



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  • In reply to TeeJay:

    Cheers Bob and Tony

    TeeJay said:
    How do you get these Kingfishers to pose for you?

    This was a rushed shot Tony through a hole in a viewing screen that was too small for my lens 

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Today was simply stunning - the light at the end of the afternoon was amazing. Great to put a name to the face Alan :-)

  • In reply to WildeBeasts:

    A good day out was certainly had Alan and your pictures are proof of that, lovely. the KF is showing you his good side!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • In reply to Catlady:

    yes, was a beautiful day on the whole here in N.West too Alan;  glad to see you had a rewarding day with a good number of species.  The Pintail drakes are stunning ducks but I love all the birds in your set and well done with the KF too, she's a beauty.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again"