Another lovely visit

I met a mate this morning while out walking on my local patch who suggested a visit to Old Moor, which I readily agreed too.

So arriving just after 10 in glorious sunshine we set off...straight into the garden hide, which held...

A young Bully

not sure if this is a different one with the male colour coming through

there were quite a few Chaffinches including this male

and this Grey Squirrel keeping an eye on those in the shop

The Tree Sparrow farm was very quite so on to the next hide

Family Hide which was very busy with Cormorants and Lapwings

and then on to the star of the show at Wath Ings Hide 

no apologies for the amount of photos of this little beauty

after this display we headed off for some lunch

Spicy Quorn and pasta with salad ( a first for me and was delicious)

as we finished our meals the clouds rolled in a little bit and became muggy, so with little time left we set to do Bittern Hide etc.

on the way to bitten Hide (which was quite) we spotted this Common Darter? at the dipping ponds

we ended our visit with a quick call in to the Reed bed Hide

A nagging Little Grebe

and a young Coot being fed

forgot to mention at one point infront of the Wath Ings Hide there were 3 Kestrels in the air at the same time.

A lovely 4 hours spent walking round....

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  • Oooh how fabulous is that female Kestrel D, just what Mr K needs in the quarry ... speaking of angels, he graced me with his presence twice today & he announced his arrival the second time!


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  • Not surprised you took lots of the Kestrel ... and the food doesn't look bad either!

    I have been considering a trip myself sometime - it's not close for me but just about within range for the occasional visit.


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  • In reply to Nigel O:

    You did have a lovey day out Alan, what great photos of the Kestrel, and the others.  

    Edit, the lunch looks yummy!!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.