Yesterday I made my first visit to Conwy and it was love at first sight!  The great crested grebes had me beguiled, while the egrets comings and goings were fascinating as they alternated between the reserve and the estuary.  The staff at the site were really lovely.  I've visited 3 other RSPB reserves in the last couple of months and, whilst they were good, Conwy definitely wins my 'Reserve of the Month' prize.  I shall return ... soon!  In the meantime, can anyone tell me what fish the great crested grebe was likely to be eating.  S/he seemed to be struggling a little to get it down.

Thanks Conwy team.  I for one am glad that you are there.

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    What a nice message to open on a Monday morning!  We're glad you had a great visit, and I'll ensure that your message is passed on to the rest of the volunteers and staff.  We very much hope you'll be back, as the reserve changes through the seasons.

    The great crested grebe chicks are great, aren't they? The fish are a mix of species, mostly freshwater, such as sticklebacks and roach, though there are some eels in there, as we've seen herons battling with them!  We haven't done a detailed study of the fish in the lagoon, so we don't know exactly what's in there, so what we know is based on our own observations, usually as birds have been eating them!

    We look forward to seeing you here again!


    Julian Hughes
    Site Manager, Conwy