Visiting Conwy reserve


We're visiting North Wales this weekend and would like to visit the Conwy reserve. Can you tell me what the opening times are please? It's likely to be Sunday or Monday that we visit.

Many thanks!


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  • Hi Zoe

    We look forward to seeing you!  You can walk around the trails at any time, but on most days the hides and toilets are open from 9 am, the Visitor Centre from 9.30 am and the Coffee Shop from 10 am.  The Coffee Shop closes at 4 pm and the Visitor Centre at 5 pm.

    However, this Sunday is an exception, as we are running an event off-site on Sunday morning, so the trails, hides and toilets will be open as usual, but the Visitor Centre and Coffee Shop will open at 11.30 am (see the post on the Conwy page for details)

    We hope you enjoy your visit


    Julian Hughes
    Site Manager, Conwy

  • In reply to julian hughes:


    Thanks for your replies. We visited the reserve on Monday afternoon and had a lovely couple of hours wandering round and enjoyed a nice lunch in the cafe. It's a very peaceful, beautiful reserve and obviously well maintained.

    We're fairly new to bird watching and we managed to spot several 'new' birds, so we came away very happy!

    We'll definitely be back at some point in the near future.