18th September.

Male Migrant Hawker still flying around.

Wheatear on saltmarsh driftwood.

19th September.

Mature female Common Darter.

20th September.

Mature female Black Darter on side of Kingsland Viewpoint.

Male and female Black Darters along Red Route.

Buzzard on Osprey Platform.

Reed Mace in Discovery field.

Ox-eyed Daisies along wildflower bunds.

21st September.

Fly Agaric in hamlet garden.

Oystercatcher coming into land on tide edge . . .

. . .  at high tide.

24th September.

Pinkfeet on tideline, Scargavel Point.

27th September.

Male Black Darter on Lonning Screen.

Parasol Mushroom on roadside verge.

28th September.

Pintail off Scargavel Point.