1st September.

Male Migrant Hawker.

Forest Bug :- pentatoma refipes

Speckled Wood Butterfly.

Small Tortoiseshell on Apple Mint.

4th September.

Distant Buzzard on predator fence overlooking Paisley Pools.

Teal landing on Holton Fen - Pool in front of hide .

Teal landing.

. . . and such excitement.

Shoveler taking off from Holton Fen.

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly basking in sunshine on Lonning track.

Gulls roosting round new saltmarsh lagoons at high tide.

Shelduck on mudflats.

6th September.

First Pinkfeet seen flying over, this season . . .

. . . and on the saltmarsh from Biglands layby.

. . . with Oystercatchers.

8th September.

Greylags on mudflats.

Black-headed Gulls losing their Summer plumage.

Increasing numbers of Shelduck on mudflats.

Teal on new saltmarsh lagoons.

12th September.

Welcome notice to Viewpoints and Hide.

Grey Heron from Paisley Viewpoint.

Lapwings and Starlings round Paisley Pools.

Juvenile Swallow catching insects over International Pools.

Mallards on Holton Fen.

Male Migrant Hawker sunning itself.