Trip to Bempton Cliffs - Day 1 24 July 2019

We managed to visit Bempton last week, much later than any of our previous visits but we made it at last. We got there nice and early and were lucky to catch the last showing of the Barn Owl. The weather was glorious, in fact it was really too hot to be lugging gear about but we persevered. The other problem was the light - glorious sunny days are not the best days to choose to photograph white birds . The big downside of the day wa sthe bezillions of storm flies that decided to show up - fortunately I was wearing a dark shirt.

We spent all morning and a fair part of teh afternoon on the reserve, enjoying the Gannets and the distant Puffins. Then we moved on to North Landing to walk out on to the headland to get more Puffins, as they had been pretty scarce or distant at Bempton but before we did the walk Mrs Bob decided to have a swim as it was so glorious and the North Sea is a great way to cool down. 

I took way too many photographs but have managed to delete lots though there are still too many to attach to the thread so i have posted them in a Flickr Album and hope that you enjoy them. 




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