beckingham marshes

I live in sheffield and would like to know how to get to Beckingham Marshes.

Also can anyone confirm that you could actually go for like a 2 day break? If so is there a nice hotel nearby to stay in.

i have just looked at this and it seems this is the closest to sheffield and am still trying to get my husband to come out and enjoy views


  • Hello and thank you for your enquiry.

    I'm afraid that the site is currently yet to open to the public, with visitor infrastructure due to be installed next spring.  However, once this is in, Beckingham will only ever be a low-key visitor site (so certainly not enough to keep you going for two days).

    This is due to it's relatively small size and the sensitive nature of its wet grassland habitat.

    If you'd like to keep in touch with how the project is progressing though, then have a look at our blog page, located on the Beckingham Marshes community site.  There are also directions to the reserve on the bottom of this page.

    In the meantime, I can recommend RSPB Old Moor and RSPB Blacktoft Sands, both of which are easily accessed from Sheffield.

  • In reply to Paul Bennett:

    many thanks for that will have a look and hopefully be able to go and view sometime