Beckingham Marshes

I live in Gainsborough and I had no idea that the Beckingham Marshes reserve was actually up and running. I will check it out tomorrow!!!


Why is there never enough time?

  • Hello there,

    Great to see some activity on the new Beckingham Marshes web pages!

    I'm the RSPB site manager at Beckingham and will be putting into action the plans to convert Beckingham Marshes into a thriving wetland.

    I'll update these pages with news and blogs to keep you up to speed with the latest sightings and developments, but you may bump into us at the Gainsborough Riverside Festival this year - we have a stall!

    keep in touch

    Michael Copleston

    float like a butterfly

  • In reply to Michael Copleston:

    Hello Michael,

    I'm so chuffed that I will have an RSPB site so close. I live on Lea rd in Gainsborough so it's a few minutes on my bike for me to get there. We had a drive down just after easter to have a look. We found a gate with the RSPB logo on it, but it was only after that, that I saw something on the website about the old willow works. We'll have to come back again and have another look.

    All the best with it though and I'll keep checking this page for updates. See you at the riverside festival if not before!! 




    Why is there never enough time?