Raptors at the Old Cane Works

My wife & I were walking past the Old Cane Works today and saw 2 raptors exit an entrance at the apex of the roof on the west end  of the building.  They looked like Kestrels or maybe Sparrowhawks. Can anyone tell me what they are ?

  • Hello Twosheds,

    Yes, we're lucky enough to have a pair of Kestrels nesting in one side of the Willow Works and a pair of Barn Owls nesting in the other, both in boxes that were installed during the building's restoration.

    We've installed cameras in both boxes too and have been keeping our eye on them.

    Have a look at my previous blog about the Barn Owls for a record image.  We have the ability to take stills and video's so keep a look out for further blogs.