Buzzards - Life in the nest 2014

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    Thanks Wendy and also for all your lovely photos and postings to keep us all so up to date in following these lovely chicks right from the very beginning, as you always do - really appreciated :-)

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    The buzzards have been fantastic to watch this year.  As you say Wendy, it's a real shame about the untimely failure.  The buzzard family have been seen flying around together.  One parent flew over the car park at 8pm last night carrying a small mammal, possibly for a fledgling.  Thanks for all the interesting comments and pictures on the forum.  Fingers crossed that they return to the nest next year and the kestrels have better luck.

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    Thanks PW for your kind comments, just so pleased you enjoy as much as I do!

    Thanks too JW for updates, have been checking nest quite regularly for any roosting but no luck!  I also wish for more successful nests next year, definitely missed following your Kestrels especially as mine here failed to nest for the first time in recent history!!

    Where will cam be sited next?


     2013 photos & vids here

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