Getting the tides right

I live just outside Arne and have started to visit there often with my grandson. Just wondered where and what one looks for to get the tides right for the shipstal hide and the Middlebere channel? 

  • You could try:-

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    Try Poole harbour tide times in the google bar that gives you a calender with dates to click on with tide times that day.Would think low tide is best for Middlebere channel if that is the one from Coombe heath hide.

    While there make use of RSPB staff as they will give you all the information you require.

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    Hi Proteus. Always a tricky one! we have got a strange double tide in the harbour and along with the shallowness of the water it can be difficult to accuratelt predict. The best time to watch birds on the Middlebere channel is as the tide is coming in as this will push feeding waders alond in front of the viewing areas. Can be great for feeding Avocets and Spoonbills up there. The tide isn't as critical in the Shipstal area and high tides can push the birds closer to the shore.

    The tide table I work from is this one

    Hope this helps and as Sooty says there is always someone in the hut to give you hand.

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    I asked a simliar question a while ago and some one on this forum put me on to this site Which I have found usefull

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    Many thanks to everyone. Looks like it's easy to get high tide times, but how do you work out when it's right for the Middlebere channel? I know tide times vary enormously as they sweep up and back up the English channel, so Poole Harbour entrance will be different to the end of the Middlebere channel.

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    Would not worry too much as Arne is great any time and in my opinion it is not worth worrying about the tides as it seems to me at this time of the year there is always lots to see in the Middlebere channel(about 700 Avocets 9 days ago).Scope is very useful as you are some distance.Wednesday free walks are probably best as they might well take you closer where you normally cannot go.