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Hey Buddies,

Just a wee note to inform anyone who knows me that I am having to move with my job to sunnier climates, in fact to Glasgow as the future of my job in dorset is a bit uncertain,I work for the MoD and I have found a similar job so I am putting my house on the market and heading off into the dull gray wet midge ridden but not blue horizon of Scotland.

I will try to pop down to Arne before I leave in September and say farewll to anyone who is around but if I dont bump into you then its a farewell from me,its been great visiting Arne and meeting loads of nice people,also sharing with them a pleasant hobby...I will stay a member of the RSPB and post on here now and then once I get settled into my new area.

Take care fellow RSPB'ers..lang mae yer Lumm they say back home...



Capturing the Light with an original perspective displayed in every Photograph..perhaps

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    Oh really sorry you are leaving us Pete, and we've not long met too! Do hope everything works out well for you.  Yes, you must stay in touch when you are settled and do let us know in advance when you are coming to Arne before you go so that we can have a farewell tea & cake at the VC and Hub would like to say goodbye too.  Will miss your lovely photos and comments and kind words on my naff photos - of course you will be visiting again in the future anyway once that Clay Pit is open to the public - think you should be invited to cut the ribbon :-)

    Our very best wishes, Pud'nHub

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    Hi all - another kestrel here just fledged amid much noise - has been practising flying - so elegant for a newby.  Unfortunately he is settling in trees near nest & I can't get pic but will keep trying


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

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    Been having a bad day - made several mistakes including posting this on wrong forum!! Hey Ho


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

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    Good luck with your new job Pete! Hopefully see you before you head off. Your photography skills will be greatly missed! Definetly keep in touch!

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    Good luck!  Your pics will def be missed!

    Jo T Always on the side of the feathered guy!

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    I bumped into Olivier today in tesco's of all places..he tells me hes been working hard and is also off to pastures new soon..Scotland as well..but an island not the city like me..we have agreed to meet up when we are settled in for a weekend of photography sometime in the near future..

    Capturing the Light with an original perspective displayed in every Photograph..perhaps

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    Oh, good luck Olivier, when are you going?  P'raps you will come to Pete's farewell later in the year too :-)  Do hope you will both keep in touch on the main forum, will be nice to see all your wildlife photos from pastures new.

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    Awww Pete! :-(

    Please don't take the Blandford gang with you! You got otters in Glasgow?

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    Is it me? How come everyone I meet is moving to Scotland?  Hope you're staying put Jot!