Autumnwatch 2016 to be at RSPB reserve Arne and also Winterwatch January 2017 as well.

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    Just to say I've been very disappointed by the BBC Autumnwatch programme with no live webcams and now no Autumnwatch Unsprung and they only seem to be using Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan as there main presenters. Martin Hughes-Games seems to have been sidelined as one of the main presenters. I think this Autumnwatch after one episode is probabably the worst Springwatch, Autumnwatch or Winterwatch episode I've seen and I have expressed my views to the BBC. But known the BBC I probably won't get a reply.



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    Hopefully you will enjoy tonights episode.

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    Hope you enjoyed it tonight Thomo.  I must admit, I have enjoyed both episodes so far.  Such a shame that Arne is so far away from me  - it looks a brilliant reserve.  Brilliant to see the young Golden Eagle.

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