Farewell Michael

Just to wish you all the best again Michael as you move on to new pastures - hope you really enjoy it, we will all miss you at Arne. I can't seem to get hold of Nikon4Pete through other Friends' channels so thought I'd better post a note here :-)
  • Good luck on your move michael...where you off to? been busy saving up for a new lens and waiting for some decent weather to get out with it..hope you are staying with the RSPB as you were a great stalwart for Arne..good luck my friend :-)

    If it moves then it has to be photographed..wildlife that is!!
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    Hi both - Thanks for your kind wishes. Yes Pete I am still with the RSPB. I am going to work with the Crane project in Somerset as a Community officer. I hope you are keeping well.

    Best wishes


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    Wish you well in your new venture MW ... just been reading up on the project, very interesting & remember well seeing on TV about how people have to wear the funny suits to act as Mum & Dad to the chicks!!  Will we be seeing your pic in the 'rogue's gallery' on the website soon?


     2013 photos & vids here

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    Hope you have a nice time in Somerset Michael..has pudweena made you a cake yet?..:-)

    Dont be drinking too much of the vino from Buckfast Abbey, better known in glasgow as Buckie..:-)  hope the project works out and we will see some cranes flying upto sunny scotland one day..



    If it moves then it has to be photographed..wildlife that is!!