Osprey sighting - ring ID


I left a message on Mark Wright's great photo of the osprey from 3rd June. The bird has a white Darvic ring on its left leg, but I can't make out the number or letters. If Mark see this and has a better resolution photo and can see anything of the details, there are lots of ospreyholics like me dying to know. Some folk keep lists of ringed osprey spottings, and we can ask the experts like Roy Dennis and colleagues too to find out where the bird is from. Also, as this bird seems to be liking Poole Harbour and area, if any other photographers get a lucky photo with the ring more visible, I'd love to hear about it.

Thank you very much and here's hoping this bird stays around the harbour and Arne, and returns next year to find a mate. Are the platforms still waiting for tenants?

  • Lindy Lou, I have sent an e-mail to Mark Wright along the same lines and left a message on the Arne reserve answerphone. So far no response from either. I have contacted the Chairman of the Dorset Bird Club but he has no further info. 'See you' back on the LG site!.

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    Hi LindyLou -  the platforms and nests are certainly waiting and hoping for tenants still as we all are who live around the area :-)  do hope someone can find the number for you, have never been lucky enough to see one close enough to see a ring but fingers crossed someone will one day, would be wonderful to find out where it comes from.

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    Mark has now kindly replied on the photo comments. He says those were the best of his shots and already heavily cropped, so we're no closer to knowing where this bird is from. Thanks for your help Mike, I'll pass the news back to the LG site and the Facebook osprey group I'm in.

    Good news that the platforms are still waiting, Pudweena. One day.....:-) I'm in Weymouth & would be on volunteer egg watch like a shot!

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    2 ospreys on the way for you pudweena from me in sunny scotland..:-)

    If it moves then it has to be photographed..wildlife that is!!
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    Many thanks Pete, would be grateful if you could let me know rough ETA :-)

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    7th or 8th of September for the Raptor weekend? ;-)

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    My spies (BirdGuides :-) ) tell me an osprey was spotted at Arne this morning. Anyone know if it's hanging around? Two over Abbottsbury and West Bexington too, migration gearing up now!

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    Thanks Pete and yes LindyLou, saw an Osprey flying high over Middlebere  and Coombe Heath this morning :-)

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    Well done pudweena.  I plan to visit Arne at some point tomorrow, so hoping to get lucky.

    Saw one flying around Poole Harbour on Sunday, but only got a distant picture again.

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    Mainly thanks to others more knowledgeable than me to spot first :-)

    Good luck tomorrow.