Hen harriers are in trouble – that’s not news to anyone. The RSPB continues to urge the government to crack down on illegal persecution in the uplands in a bid to give these birds a chance to re-establish a stable population in England.

But is there anything you, me, your friends and your family can do? Well, yes there is, and some of these things you can do right away. Together we can change the tide and stop illegal persecution.

Picture credit: Jack Ashton-Booth

1) Attend a Hen Harrier Day event: Share your passion for these magnificent birds, hear talks and campaign for changes to help protect the future of hen harriers.

2) Sign up to Findlay's Thunderclap. Hen harrier campaigner extraordinaire Findlay Wilde is asking everyone who cares about these birds to sign up to a Thunderclap on social media. Sign up here and at 9.30am on 12 August, this message will appear on your Twitter or Facebook page: “I am against the illegal persecution of uplands wildlife. The dark side of the Inglorious 12th must be stopped.”

3) Report crimes: Walkers, hikers, climbers and anyone out in the countryside can be our eyes and ears, keeping us informed about crimes involving birds of prey. Look out for traps set on posts, dead or injured birds of prey, or people behaving suspiciously. Call RSPB Investigations and police on 101 or fill out the online form.

4) Speak out: If you are involved with the driven grouse shooting or rural community and have information about people killing hen harriers, there is a way for you to alert us in complete confidence. The RSPB’s Raptor Crime Hotline (0300 999 0101) will allow you to speak out without it coming back to you. We know there are people out there with information, and you can help us end this culture of criminality.

5) Help us fight for licensing: The voices calling for change are getting louder, and the more of us who voice our outrage at the illegal killing of hen harriers, the more likely we are to bring about change. Self-regulation of driven grouse moors has not worked, so we want the government to introduce a system of licensing. 

6) Spread the word: There is a huge movement happening on social media calling for action to protect hen harriers. Adding your voice will help increase the impact, raise awareness and hopefully drive change. Public opinion carries great sway! Follow and Retweet our @RSPB_Skydancer tweets – and of course, don’t forget to tell people face-to-face as well!

  • Excellent.

    That's the way to do it!

    Please keep saying it at all opportunities.

    I have a petition with the Scottish Government going through the system about wildlife crime.

    I'm doing something, and I feel that the RSPB can always do more.