• The Dee’s the place to be

    I was only a kid, ten or eleven I think, but I can still picture it now – my first ever hen harrier. My mum used to take me there on Sunday afternoons hoping to catch a glimpse of a bird I’d dreamt about seeing in real life after drooling over the plates of it in my Mitchell Beazley bird book, a present given to me by my mum and dad for my eighth birthday. I still own and treasure that book.

    Hen Harrier…

    • 28 Nov 2014
  • Scottish hen harrier heads to France

    Thanks to a satellite tag and an eagle-eyed photographer, a young hen harrier from southwest Scotland has recently been tracked to our Wallasea Wetlands reserve in southern England. However, that wasn't far enough apparently, as the intrepid traveler has now migrated all the way to France!

    Read more about this fascinating journey on our Rainham Marshes blog here.

    Photo of sat-tagged hen harrier, Wallasea Wetlands…

    • 18 Nov 2014
  • Breakfast with Burt

    With little new to report on the movements of our harriers in recent weeks it was exciting to hear of a tagged harrier from Scotland being sighted in Essex last week, on one of our fantastic nature reserves at Wallasea Island nonetheless! No such great journeys to report on locally, bar Burt’s short trip into Cheshire last month. Highlander, one of the young female harriers from the first Bowland nest this summer, continues…

    • 12 Nov 2014